Resolving urls with uppercase and lowercase differences

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    Helen McAllister

    Hey Jill and Michael,

    When we were going through the Google analytics session last week I shared that I have two urls showing up for one page due to uppercase/lowercase differences. Please see the email correspondence below with my developer. Does this sound like the right solution to solve this issue?


    Hey Tim,

    Google analytics is showing two different urls for the same page, with all lowercase and initial uppercase. From what I understand this shouldn’t happen. It should all resolve to the lowercase regardless of how it is typed in.

    The urls are:

    I was told this is a server issue?

    Your thoughts?


    Hi Helen,

    I wouldn’t call this a server ‘issue’ as such, in fact it’s more of a feature. The server can accept URLs without case-sensitivity, i.e. any way you type it, it will work.

    I agree that it’s an issue when it comes to Google Analytics tracking of the URLs. You can easily set up Google Analytics to convert all URLs to lowercase so that it will track them as the same page. To do this, you need to add a new filter:
    1. Under the View’s admin settings, go to Filters.
    2. Add a new filter, call it something like ‘Lowercase Request URI’.
    3. Set the type to Custom, the option to Lowercase and the dropdown to Request URI. (The ‘filter help’ yellow box that appears below explains it nicely).
    4. Click ‘verify’ to see the changes this filter would have made to past traffic.
    5. Save the filter.
    Note that the filter will only affect future traffic – once something is recorded in GA it can’t be modified, so the existing case-sensitive traffic is stuck there.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions or if you’d like me to set this up for you.



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